West Pinellas Little League Scholarship Progam

West Pinellas Little League believes that we should assist families with financial hardship.  For players that meet the eligibility requirements, league registration fees for the season in question can be partially paid or waived by West Pinellas Little League.

Scholarships are neither permanently or automatically renewed each season.  Scholarships expire at the end of each season.  Requests for scholarships must be made in each season.  Applications must meet the scholarship eligibility requirements.  

In financial hardship cases, a scholarship may be requested for each child in your family that wants to play baseball or softball.  The West Pinellas Little League Board of Directors will examine the needs and approve or deny the scholarship award.

If you have been given a scholarship in the past or present that does not prevent future scholarship requests.  The circumstances (financial hardships, etc) noted in the request are evaluated with every request (re-evaluated if it is a repeated request).  The scholarship eligibility requirements still must be satisfied in all cases.

Please email info@westpinellaslittleleague.org to request a scholarship.